Pink ADAMAS – Premium Oscietra Caviar


Caviar Pink ADAMAS® is what can be called ASETRA, OSCIETRA, OSETRA caviar, made from pure Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii, also known as Russian sturgeon. Adamas Pink is prepared following the traditional Malossol method.

It is considered to be one of the caviar in the world.


Aromatic notes

The sublimely delicate and pure flavour is accompanied by a soft and classy dry fruit aftertaste.



How to taste it

Very rich, creamy and full. Best with rosé champagne or spumante.


Egg size: 2,8 / 3,0 mm.

Colour: the shade varies, according to the genetic of the fish, from dark grey to an amber mustard yellow.

Ingredients: Eggs Russian sturgeon Acip. GUE, salt E285


Manufacturer: SALMO-PAN Società Agricola Srl Via Castello 75, 26025 Pandino (CR) – Italia