BARTOLI ESTATE extra virgin olive oil

What is the best oil? Undoubtedly that which the “Master” produces for his own personal use.
Historically, like wine, the olive oil that the castellan produced for himself was a product of the highest quality, very different from the wine and oil reserved for the farmers.
The superior quality extra virgin olive oil of the Bartoli Estate is still produced today only for the exclusive use of the Bartoli barons and is not distributed by retailers. Mamma Luciana has the privilege of having a limited number of bottles available, thanks to her personal friendship, and she is delighted to be able to offer them exclusively to her customers.
Why is this oil so special?
Let’s start by talking about the place where the olive trees are grown.
Mazzarino is a particular place: 500 metres above sea level, located in the internal eastern part of Sicily. Over the centuries, (the city boasts 2700 years of history), the cultivation of the famous Sicilian almonds has been developed here (70% of the national almond production is made in Mazzarino), which are of the highest quality and considered the best in the world. The almond does not need any treatment and therefore this commune is naturally and traditionally devoted to BIO products. It is normal that here, along with the cultivation of almonds, a high-level fruit and vegetable production has been developed: artichokes and cardoons, peppers, oranges, peaches, table and wine grapes and, above all, an excellent quality EVO oil.
On the Bartoli Estate the olives are harvested about fifteen days before they are completely ripe, when the olives begin to turn black from green. This early harvest achieves a high quality EVO oil since the olives at this stage of ripeness produce a more acidic oil, green in colour and richer in polyphenols (healthy and beneficial food for health) at the sacrifice of a larger production (fully ripe olives have a much higher oil yield). The olive harvest is still carried out strictly by hand, thus ensuring that the olives have fewer bruises which would otherwise give a more bitter taste to the oil and they are brought on the same day to the olive press for cold pressing, thus preventing the proliferation of moulds and bacteria on the olives.
The cultivars used to produce this extraordinary EVO oil are 5. There are two predominant ones: Nocellara and Marsallisa (Moresca).
Nocellara Cultivar: it is a typical variety of the inland and eastern areas of Sicily, very resistant to atmospheric agents and cold spells.
Marsallisa (Moresca) Cultivar: these excellent olives are generally produced for consumption as food but if pressed they produce an excellent superior quality EVO oil.
Attention to the most minute details from olive growing, to the olive harvest, to the pressing produces an EVO oil of extraordinary quality, capable of surprising even the most demanding and refined palates.
In the kitchen it perfectly adapts to the preparation of raw or cooked foods whether they are salads, first courses, main courses based on meat or fish, desserts.
A perfect complement when used with the Bartoli Estate Nero d’Avola wine vinegar to dress salads.


Net weight: 500ml – Gross weight: 960gm

Manufacturer: Baco Srl – Contrada Prato Piano del Grigno, 93013 Mazzarino (CL) – Italy