Cipolla bianca di Isernia

The Isernia’s white onion is the masterpiece of Molise simplicity, an onion in oil that stands out thanks to its delicious and unique taste. We use an exclusive raw material, the white onion from Isernia, which is characterised by a sweet and intense, but not strong, flavour. We combine it with our EVO oil to obtain a special product, which amazes the first taste and satisfies subsequent ones.

Ideal as an appetiser and eye-catching in a sandwich, our white onion in oil is superb raw on a pizza or as a side dish for main courses, cheese and mozzarella.

Garlic-free. Preservative-free.

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€6.27 (senza Iva)
€6.90 (con Iva)

Ingredients: Onions origin Italy (66%), Extra virgin olive oil (33%), Wine vinegar, Salt

Nutritional values – U.E. ( x 100 g.):


95 kcal


393 kj


1,5 g


7,3 g


2,0 g


4,1 g

Saturated fatty acids

0,3 g


0,8 g

Net weight: 210 ml – Gross weight: 405 g

Manufacturer: Orominerva Srl – Località Valloni, 86072 Cerro al Volturno (IS) – Italia