BARTOLI ESTATE Nero d’Avola wine vinegar

The wine vinegar single-varietal Nero d’Avola is produced with a natural method for the exclusive use of the Bartoli barons on their Mazzarino estate. Bartoli Estate wine vinegar ferments and matures in a large barrel of precious woods of over one hundred years old, located in the building’s private cellar. It is not a vinegar produced to be marketed. Mamma Luciana has the privilege of being able to have a limited number of bottles available, thanks to her personal friendship, and she is delighted to be able to offer them exclusively to her customers.
Having the possibility to taste it is undoubtedly a benefit, even for the most demanding and refined palates. It emanates unique fragrances and scents, giving character to food without overwhelming the flavour.
A perfect complement if used with the Bartoli Estate extra virgin olive oil to dress salads.

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€4.73 (senza Iva)
€5.20 (con Iva)

Net weight: 250 ml – Gross weight: 510 gm

Manufacturer: Baco Srl – Contrada Prato Piano del Grigno, 93013 Mazzarino (CL) – Italy