The excellence of Italian products

Unique ingredients to create exciting dishes

Ingredients that make the difference

Mamma Luciana exclusively brings Italian excellence to you:  products of the highest quality that real give taste and elegance to your dishes.

Tradition and innovation

Our ingredients bring back to life the ancient flavours of the great Italian cuisine.

In Mamma Luciana’s pantry, tradition and innovation come together to make every dish extraordinary.

How it works:

Buy our products online  from the comfort of your home.

We will ship them prontly to you wherever you are, in Italy or anywhere in the world.

Born in Tribano (Padua) in 1940. When she was a teenager her family moved to Milan and she started working in the most important confectionery company in town, where she covered all aspects of production up to the most delicate task: the management of raw materials, such as pure extracts and expensive and rare essences.

While working there she understood a very important thing: the same recipes can resulte in totally different outcomes. It is the quality and the correct use of the ingredients that determine the success of a dish.

This is precisely what Mamma Luciana’s mission is all about: selecting unique products to enable you to create exciting and refine dishes at affordable prices.

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